Using BDAR for Discharging the UOP Loans

  • The student transferred his/her credits to another school but a similar program. For instance, if you were studying criminal justice in UOP and moved to the same or slightly different program such as Criminal Law etc.
  • You were attending UOP 120 days until or after . There is a chance to get approval from those of you who withdrew from classes during this time.

How to Get Your Loan Discharged?

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Under the settlement provisions, the University of Phoenix agreed to pay 191 million dollars for student loan forgiveness. This settlement was mainly focusing on loans that students owe to the UOP directly. For federal student loans, there is a chance for students through BDAR, which we will discuss next.

Under the Borrower’s Defense law, it is mentioned that in cases where the opposing side (university) did fraudulent things against the student, students have the right to use loan discharge. Violation of the rules, misinterpretation or misconduct, are all part of those fraudulent acts. In our case, which is based on the University of Phoenix, students have the right to file the BDAR claim and earn loan discharge. As the university provided private student loans to those students while assuring them that the higher education programs them are best, it is perfectly fine to note all those aspects in your BDAR application.

You generally need to accuse the UOP of false advertising and misleading claims that led you to take the loan in the first place or prove that they lied about:

If you face such an incident and want to get rid of the massive loan debt, all you need to do is write a BDAR application and submit it to related institutions. The good news for former students of UOP is that if DOE approves their request, they get a complete loan discharge.

How to Effectively Support Your Claims in the BDAR Application?

While you write your BDAR application, there are specific issues that you need to address. You need to clearly state that you only took the loan to attend the University of Phoenix. By doing so, the primary reason for your decision was mainly because the university misled you with their fraudulent marketing activities. In other words, conclude that you would never choose that university unless they made those falsified claims. You can show the instances where they

  • tricked you
  • lied about their curriculum
  • mislead you with their false facts about success rates, etc.

Keep an eye on this part because if you cannot manage to fully cover the issue in detail, your BDAR application will not be approved by the Department of Education.

They are selective about the case. As we already mentioned, the strict evaluation rules that DOE put on this matter make it a little tougher for students to get approval. You need to deliver the right message throughout your claim and support those arguments with evidence. You can attach a screenshot of the messages or call recordings, if possible. In a class-action lawsuit, officials accused UOP of various illegal acts, and you can analyze them to see whether or not any of them happened to you. In the next paragraph, we will explore those claims so that you can better understand and write a practical application that can help you get the University of Phoenix loan discharge.

How was the University of Phoenix involved in those actions?

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As you already know, UOP was accused of doing illegal stuff that caused students to raise their voices and ask for justice. Besides, students who want to get a higher degree start searching for available universities for their budget. They look at the current standing, prospect, graduation, and job placement rates whenever they analyze the options. It is impossible to choose the best option without comparing the results of these matters. So, the former students of Phoenix University found out that the university is a very prestigious place that can ultimately open up a successful career path.

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