Did John Mayer Actually Date Tina Turner?

Absolutely too much to like about Pitch Perfect 2 , and actually? I believe the fact that it also place the question of if John Mayer actually outdated Tina Turner is the best part. I mean, just how incredible would that end up being? Mayer’s come presumably linked to virtually every previous ’90s child symbol, every up-and-coming tracking artist, and each and every attractive girl in Hollywood actually, so that it won’t getting a complete and full surprise if he previously outdated the renowned musical icon.

But, performed he? In the wonderful world of Pitch best 2 , at the least, it seems like he might have: As whoever has heard of movies know, the follow up to 2012’s Pitch Ideal renders an unexpected, unclear implication your duo happened to be romantically with each other at one-point. After all, personally, I shudder at the idea for Tina Turner’s purpose, because she is queen and that can achieve this a lot better. (Mayer, in contrast, should think about himself #blessed if this sounds like correct.) But, could there be any grain of facts here, or is it just a throwaway joke?

Regrettably, it does not feel like the solution is as simple as inquiring issue. Even though the media possess a fairly wise decision of Mayer’s union past, it’s officially likely that Mayer and Turner have an under-the-radar serbian mail order bride commitment at one point — due to the fact there is virtually no report out there doubting it. Its like the notion of simple until shown responsible, except in this instance, it’s possible until demonstrated untrue.

That said, but I find myself personally majorly suspicious this risk, generally as it may seem like Mayer’s internet dating history was thus hectic, I don’t know whenever the relationship will have took place (or, like, the way it would get unnoticed by virtually anyone). I’m going to name this option bull crap and call it per day — however, if need evidence, here’s a summary of some ladies Mayer has become romantically connected with, in notably chronological order.

Jennifer Really Love Hewitt (2001-2002)

Jennifer appreciation Hewitt was actually the OG John Mayer celeb girl — indeed, rumor has actually it that Mayer authored you are A Wonderland about Hewitt, in the event individuals necessary an unsettling aesthetic.

Vanessa Carlton (2002)

In accordance with Celebuzz, rumor possess they she outdated Mayer for around a-year.

Jessica Simpson (2006-2007)

Jessica Simpson, exactly who Mayer also known as sexual napalm in a Playboy meeting, outdated Mayer after the lady divide from Nick Lachey.

Minka Kelly (2007)

In accordance with men and women, the happy couple have a quiet separation.

Jennifer Aniston (2008-2009)

Another embarrassing commitment unveil — again from Playboy tell-all interview.

Taylor Swift (2009-2010)

Oh, this? Yeah, this union undoubtedly took place. The evidence? In accordance with MTV, ABSOLUTELY A COMPLETE ALBUM REGARDING IT. At the same time, Taylor Swift twirls into the cinch, cleaning off of the haters.

Kim Kardashian (At Some Stage In Later 2010?)

Back 2010, Mayer had been allegedly starting up with Kim Kardashian — or, no less than, spending considerable time together, based on Jezebel — a rumor that’ll or may possibly not be real. BUT, this will be as well strange of a coupling not to feature.

Katy Perry (2012-2015)

Simply if it started to resemble these insane kids could possibly create. they failed to. Per E! on line, the two split up earlier on this present year.

Performed JoJo Siwa Date Her Childhood Pal, Elliot Brown?

During the early January, JoJo Siwa arrived as a part with the LGBTQ people. A couple weeks after, she unveiled that she has a girlfriend during the lady looks from the Tonight tv series Starring Jimmy Fallon. Siwa didnt reveal her new gf personality, but she did inform Fallon your anonymous girl in her lives recommended the woman ahead down. Before Siwa larger statement, lovers assumed she was dating children buddy named Elliot Brown. Therefore, performed the connection actually happen?

That is JoJo Siwa online dating today?

Siwa sent the Twitterverse into overdrive this week whenever she pointed out their gf during a job interview with Jimmy Fallon. Lovers comprise fast to overflow both Twitter and Reddit to find out just who Siwa is seeing. Some Reddit customers highly believe that Siwa and a buddy which has been showing up within her TikTok videos were a product. Few are 100% persuaded, though.

For the time being, Siwa appears to be keeping the personality of their spouse an information, which okay. Even though the 17-year-old pop music celebrity happens to be very available about this lady lifestyle, she’s got preserved some confidentiality concerning the woman dating leads. She can be more careful of sharing the identity of the lady mate today. Siwa lately had to defend an ex on social media after the lady fans started leaving hateful statements on their social media.

JoJo Siwa briefly outdated Mark Bontempo

Back in August 2020, Siwa got online dating tag Bontempo, the little bro of social networking influencer Madison Bontempo. Siwa initially launched Bontempo to the lady enthusiasts via a TikTok movie, but just months later on, the couple called they quits. It shouldnt are a problem. Siwa and Bontempo were both very younger, and breakups include certain to take place.

JoJo Siwa | Don Arnold/WireImage

The two appeared to simply take their particular break up in stride, but Siwa discovered herself needing to safeguard Bontempo from this lady followers. Relating to E!, Siwa begged this lady fans to get rid of making hateful reviews on Bontempo social media content. She insisted which they had no tip regarding conditions that generated their breakup.

Before JoJo Siwa unidentified sweetheart and Mark Bontempo, gossip swirled that she was actually online dating Elliot Brown

Before Siwa expose that this lady super-supportive girl motivated the woman to come away; prior to she uncovered that Bontempo had received sweetheart reputation, lovers were some she was actually dating a young people called Elliot Brown. The rumors going whenever Brown, 18, went to Siwa in Ca in 2020. Followers rapidly identified that Brown got children pal from back.

JoJo Siwa doing in 2019 | Stephen J. Cohen/Getty photographs

In-may 2020, Siwa talked to you regularly about Brown and their reported commitment. She advised the publishing that she and Brown had been just company but performed admit they considered probably matchmaking. When this occurs, the after that 16-year-old Siwa said she and Brown very nearly crossed that line, but that she was actually also hectic to consider a relationship.

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